Strong Leather Cleaner

Strong Leather Cleaner

A unique water-based cleaner that can be used on all leather types. Loaded with active ingredients and carried in a foam base for maximum cleaning, without over-wetting the leather. Strong Cleaner should be applied with foam on a sponge then excess soil wiped away with a cloth. Strong Cleaner needs to be carefully tested on all Nubuck leathers as its use may cause ringing and color loss.

$26.71 — $121.42

PACKAGED: 250ml CL070; Liter CL074; 5 Liter CL072

* Strong Cleaner will not remove finishes that have proper rub resistant standards.

Dilution Ratios: RTU     RTU pH: n/a    Contains: 1 liter

CRW Leather Masters CL076 CL078