Olympus Portable Extractor with 2-2 Stage Vac

Olympus Portable Extractor with 2-2 Stage Vac

HydroForce Olympus M100 -12-gallon capacity -5 year warranty on rotationally molded polyethylene body -Top-mounted control panel -Large motor cavity-easy access -Large, partially pneumatic, stair climbing wheels -25' orange safety electrical cords -25' solution and vacuum hoses -Deluxe stainless steel 2-jet wand -Motor cavity coond durability -No-drip motor cavity; Spills on the outside can't get inside! Weight 85lbs. single cord Dual 2-stage Vac Motor


Upgrade this unit with an AP35 150 PSI Pump


Remember: Portable extractors don’t use gas.  Save yourself some money and use a portable whenever you don’t really need the power of your truckmount.

CRW Hydro-Force Olympus M100