Concentrated Extraction Cleaner

Concentrated Extraction Cleaner

A concentrated highly active extraction cleaner that meets the highest standards in carpet extraction maintenance. Approximately 80% of all soils and greasy substances is caused by foot traffic and over half is of a greasy nature. Safe on all carpet fibers including wool. Does not contain any optical brighteners.

$25.84 — $123.70

Active Ingredients: 50.0 ± 0.5%

Color: Water Clear

Odor: Spring mist

pH: 9.5 – 10.0

Viscosity: Water thin

Foam: Low

Solubility: Complete with water

Emulsification: Excellent

Detergency: Excellent

Rinsability: Excellent

Soil Retardency: Excellent

Biodegradability: Complete

Storage/Stability: 2 years

Weight per Gallon: 8.50 lbs./gal.

Freeze / Thaw Stability: Keep from freezing





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