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    Standard Vacuum Hose Cuffs 2", 1.5"

    Standard threaded soft vinyl cuff for 2" hose. Standard threaded soft vinyl cuff for 1-1/2" hose.

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    Reducer (2"-1.5") and Enlarger (1.5"-2") Hose Cuff

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    Hose Connector Barbs 2", 1.5" and PVC Hose Connector (2" to 1.5")

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    Threaded Adapter Cuffs

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    Standard Swivel Hose Cuff 2", 1.5"

    This cuff holds securely on the hose yet will swivel freely on the wand or tool

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    Flash Cuffs

    TIRED OF HOSES COMING APART? TIRED OF INFERIOR LOCKING AND SWIVEL CUFFS? TIRED OF REPLACING CUFFS? The NEW Flash Cuff™ takes durability and innovation to the next level!

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    Hide-A-Hose Swivel Cuffs 2", 1.5"

    Now you can hide your solution hose within the vacuum hose line and you can forget the hassles of trying to work with separate hoses lying all around!

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    Turbocat Zoom Vac Powerhead

    The TurboCat® Zoom is engineered with exclusive Z-Tech design and features a sleek new profile. There’s never been a quieter, more powerful turbine powerhead. Remove embedded dirt and dust more effectively while easily maneuvering the lightweight TurboCat Zoom.

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    Vac Attack Hose Adapter

    Simple and Inexpensive Hose-to-Wand Adapter The Vac Attack adapts 2" hose to 1.5" wands. 1.Slip the Vac Attack onto the 1 1/2" vac tube on your wand 2.Slide the 2" vac hose onto the Vac Attack 3.You're ready to go!

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    Back-Pack Vacuum

    High Performance - Comfort - Efficiency! Vacuuming has never been easier! With the molded-in ergonomic back rest, these machines are a joy to use. Any vacuum will test to optimum performance when new. The true test of performance comes as debris fills the vacuum bag. In older tubular backpack designs, the bag bulges and stretches when it fills, contacting the side wall and top of the motor, severely reducing airflow. The new HydroForce Back Pack's 3/4" per side increase in diameter and new bag support increase airflow and reduce motor heat, extending the life of the motor and allowing peak performance under all conditions - even when the bag starts to get full.

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    20 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

    Power and versatility are combined in the ProGuard 20 Wet/Dry vacuum. Use this powerful vacuum for restoration work, water removal when using Spinergy™ stone polishing pads, and more. The unique variable wheel pattern allows for increased maneuverability and improved productivity while offering the performance , filtration and durability you expect from a ProTeam vacuum.

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    Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose-Blue, Orange, Grey

    Built to take abuse that everyday professional use dishes out. With smooth free flowing bore inside, it allows high air movement and efficient vacuum. Strong and yet highly flexible this hose is the perfect choice for both truckmount and portable use.

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    Rug Rat Vac Powerhead

    FEATURES/BENEFITS: A smaller version of the TurboForce (AC160), this hand held brush is built with the same exacting standards, engineering & materials as its big brother. Is invaluable for vacuuming stairs, upholstery & many of the more difficult areas to reach.

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    Dust Downer Dry Vac Mister

    Protect your machine's blower from dust while dry vacuuming! The Dust Downer is a perfect companion to the TurboForce(AC160) vacuuming tool and is very effective for duct cleaning. This unit may be placed in-line right next to the machine, or between the hose and wand. A constant supply of water sprayed into the vacuum hose ensures that any grit and dust drawn up from the carpet or upholstery is quickly put into solution. Dry vacuuming is no longer a hazard for the equipment!

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    Super Truckmount Heat Vacuum Hoses

    This hose is designed to run with the super-heat, super-suckers in the middle of a hot summer day. Smooth, free-flowing inside bore keeps your CFM high, and the strong and durable construction keeps it from collapsing when using high heat and high vacuum. The Super Truckmount hose can be used with constant working temperatures up to 240° F at the truck.

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    Hydro-Force Hoser Hose Washing Tool

    Blast Away Scum and Keep Your Customers' Floors Clean Stop messing with towels! Quickly and easily blast scum from your vacuum and solution hoses with the Hoser hose washing tool. Whether you pulled your hoses across a flower bed, or across the floor after a sewage job, the Hoser is a must for keeping hoses, and more importantly, your customers' floors clean.

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    PowerFlite PF90 Vacuum

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    PowerFlite Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum

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  • Spectrum 12P Vacuum by Advance

    Spectrum 12P Vacuum

    Spectrum™ upright vacuums deliver superior pickup and filtration, with the power to pull dirt and dust from carpets in a single cleaning pass, resulting in greater productivity. The 12P features a two-stage, 1000-watt motor.

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    ProTeam ProForce 1500 HEPA Upright Vacuum

    The ProForce 1500 is designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. High-performance dual motor system offers convenience and durability for optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness.

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  • Adgility Hip Vacuum by Advance

    Adgility Hip Vacuum

    A LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE SOLUTION FOR CLEANING IN OBSTRUCTED SPACES The Adgility™ backpack hip vacuum is lightweight, compact, and ergonomically shaped to maximize operator agility and cleaning ability.

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    ProTeam Super Coach Pro 10 Vacuum

    Vacuum in Comfort The next generation in cleaning comfort. Ergonomic backpack design with patent pending FlexFit™ articulating harness increases range of motion, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity. New triangular shape fits closer to the body and moves with the user, reducing the chance of bumping into doorways, walls, or furniture. With the same motor and proven performance as the Super CoachVac®, the 10-quart Super Coach Pro feels lighter, is shorter, and has a slimmer profile. The die-cast aluminum tri-latch system assures air performance. Four Level Filtration w/HEPA captures 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger, improving IAQ.

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    ProTeam ProForce 1500XP HEPA Upright Vacuum w/ Onboard Tools

    The ProForce 1500XP is designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Premium quality on-board tools and high-performance dual motor system offers convenience and durability for optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness now with HEPA level filtration.

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