Tile and Grout Cleaner/Sealers

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Tile and Grout Cleaner/Sealers

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    Bowl Bryte

    A low acid bathroom cleaner formulated to remove lime and hard water deposits, soap scum, rust, gray and yellow stains from toilet bowls, urinals, and other acid resistant surfaces.

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    Big John

    An extra strength clinging bowl, tile, and porcelain cleaner and deodorizer designed to remove heavy build-up of water scale, soap scum, urinary salts, and rust from hard surfaces. Can be used to clean and deodorize wash basins, bath tubs, shower stalls, drinking fountains, toilet bowls, urinals, and sinks. Its clinging formula controls run-off for effective usage. This product contains no harmful hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.

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    A highly concentrated, hydrogen peroxide fortified multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer consisting of a blend of citrus solvent, biodegradable detergents, and hydrogen peroxide that provide heavy-duty cleaning power without use of chlorine bleach, phosphates or butyl solvents. Citrus solvent penetrates and dissolves the oils, biodegradable detergents emulsify and suspend soil, and hydrogen peroxide oxidizes soil and stains, destroys odors and provides color safe bleaching action. It is ideal for cleaning floors, tile & grout, bathroom & shower area as well as odor destruction.

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  • Chiseled Grout Brush (with handle attachment)

    This durable, acid resistant nylon tile brush with included handle is the perfect solution for getting stubborn grease out of deep grout lines. The grout brush easily screws on for a tight connection with the lightweight plastic handle.

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    Viper 2 Extra Strength Acid Cleaner

    Use Viper 2 for man-made ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile. It takes care of the mineral scale, soap scum and imbedded stains often found on restroom and shower tile. This special formula also cuts grease incredibly well and does it without any added solvents.

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    Viper 11 Alkaline Stone and Tile Cleaner

    Viper 11 is an alkaline pre-treatment cleaner for stone, man-made ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile. Amazing advances in surfactant technology help Viper 11 melt away grease, stains and soil – and do it without the addition of solvents or highly caustic builders. This new high-tech tile and grout cleaning solution was designed to surpass anything currently available! Ideal for use in deep cleaning for restaurants, kitchens, and areas of high traffic. Minimal residue improves bonding and performance of sealers. Also a great maintenance cleaner.

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    Viper 7 Neutral Cleaner/Rinse

    Viper 7 is an excellent neutral cleaning agent used as a maintenance cleaner as well as to rinse and neutralize hard surfaces where alkaline or acid cleaners have been used first (such as Viper 11 or Viper 2). Viper 7 has excellent degreasing properties for a neutral cleaner, which makes it excellent for routine maintenance. Viper 7 will cut and suspend grease and soils and leave the floor sparkling clean while leaving minimal residue, improving bonding and performance of sealers.

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    Viper Venom Tile And Grout Cleaner

    If you prefer a high alkaline, solvent fortified chemical to deal with heavy soil on hard surfaces...you want Viper Venom! The original tile and grout cleaner, it removes years of built up grease, dirt and stains! Dilute it 1:1 for tough jobs, more for lighter jobs! You'll see the dirt start to lift out of the grout even before you begin using your machine. Rinse well.

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    Viper Peroxibright CTG

    Peroxide Activated Concrete, Tile & Grout Cleaner and Brightener Cleans and brightens even the grungiest concrete, tile or grout, floor, fixture or wall! Peroxibright CTG is a synergistic product breakthrough that cleans and brightens even the grungiest concrete, tile and grout floors, fixtures, and walls. The activated effervescent solution gets into every crevice, crack and pore to emulsify, dissolve and deflocculate even the most stubborn soiling. A proprietary mixture of specialized surfactants and non-butyl solvents is activated by a stabilized oxygenated solution for maximum molecular cleaning and brightening action. Peroxibright CTG brightens grout lines without the use of harsh acids and chlorine bleaches that can damage the grout and surrounding flooring materials. It cleans, refreshes, and brightens concrete, tile, and grout without leaving watermarks or residue like other cleaning chemicals can. Peroxibright CTG cleans and brightens without the need for neutralization that harsh acid solutions require because it is self-neutralizing. While Peroxibright CTG is designed to work ideally with rotary hard surface cleaning extractors like the Hydro-Force SX-12 and SX-15, it can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.

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    Viper Solvent Based Stone And Grout Sealer

    This low-odor solvent-based sealer takes advantage of fluorochemical technology for oil, water and dry soil resistance just like fluorochemical carpet protectors. Solvent Grout Sealer dries in six hours and reaches full cure in 48. Very affordable and easy to apply with the Grout Stick and can be used on any non-sealed cementitious surface (like grout). Will not change the texture or color of the existing grout when dry. Can be shipped WITHOUT hazardous freight charges!

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    Viper Premium Grout And Stone Sealer

    Your customers absolutely want you to seal stone, tile and grout floors after you clean them. It just goes together like a hamburger and fries! Premium Grout and Stone Sealer is a professional grade, water-based sealer far superior to "Home Center" products. It can even be used on damp grout right after you clean! It will protect stone, tile and grout from oil and water based-spills and dry soils. It penetrates deeply to offer the very best protection and won’t leave a "skin" to wear off like other sealers. It's effective on all grout and on absorbent and semi-absorbent stone and tile. Spray it on or apply it with the Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit. Grout is stronger when protected with this durable sealer.

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    Viper Renew

    Use Viper Renew when all other cleaners have failed. It works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout, tile and stone that have been neglected for years. Viper Renew actually removes a very thin layer of grout, taking with it all hard water deposits, soap scum and efflorescence. The proprietary organic salt in Viper Renew is twice as effective as phosphoric acid at dissolving calcium carbonate, and without the unpleasant fumes. Keep a gallon of Viper Renew on your truck so you'll be prepared for even the most extreme tile and grout cleaning situation.

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    Viper Grout And Concrete Sealer

    Resists Soils, Stains & Efflorescence This grout sealer utilizes a unique new formula to achieve all the benefits of solvent-based grout sealers in a water-based product! It resists soils, stains, chemical degradation, biological growth and even efflorescence and offers excellent oil and water repellency and hold-out. And yet, grout sealer is vapor permeable so it lets water vapor out but doesn’t let liquid water in! This is a very affordable product that is outstanding on grout and can also be used on any porous tile such as quarry or Saltillo. It provides exceptional protection at a price point you and your customers will love.

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    Viper Peroxiblast Powder

    Peroxide Activated Alkaline Concrete, Tile & Grout Cleaner and Degreaser. Viper Peroxiblast Powder is a synergistic product breakthrough that cleans and degreases the grungiest concrete, tile and grout floors, fixtures, and walls with a concentrated balance of surfactants and alkaline builders that are oxygen activated. This high performance, heavy-duty concrete, tile and grout cleaner and degreaser safely replaces mineral spirits and chlorinated solvent-based heavy-duty concrete degreaser products. Peroxiblast Powder penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, soils, fats and greases. Can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.

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    Gekko SX-7 Head Attachment

    Attach this head to your versatile Gekko tool for extreme cleaning and for small areas. The SX-7 head holds heat and provides stronger vacuum for those rare situations where the SX-12 is not enough. It works extremely well in small areas like bathrooms.

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