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Specialty Products

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    Cleaning Containers - Empty

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    Scratch Away Leather Repair

    Designed to remove surface scratches from aniline leathers. It adjusts the color on the surface of the leather in order to hide the area where the color is missing. This is perfect for fingernail type marks, light pet scratches, and some delivery scuffs. This product works on any color.

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    A blend of cleaning solvents, polish & surface preservative agents designed for cleaning, polishing and protecting stainless steel, chrome and aluminum. Removes grease, fingerprints and light soil. Provides a thin, protective, water-resistant film. Prevents rusting, corrosion and discoloration. Contains no chlorinated solvent, no wax or harsh abrasives.

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    Round Para Urinal Block - 4 oz Cherry

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    Shockbuster- A Power Outlet with A Built-In GFI Circuit

    Protects from hazardous electrical shock. This GFCI adapter plugs into any 3-prong AC outlet and converts it to a safety outlet. Simply plug your appliance or tool into Shockbuster. Shockbuster instantly detects ground faults caused by leakage currents and shuts off power to avoid electrocution.

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    Gum Gel - Gum Remover and Multi Purpose Spotter

    Gum Gel is a citrus solvent formulated to stay on the spot full strength and work fast. You won't find a better chemical for gum removal. It also does a killer job on a wide range of other spots such as tar, grease, cosmetics and most types of ink.

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    Forearm Forklift - Package of 2

    Forearm Forklift Lifting StrapsĀ® The Ultimate Moving Strap System It's part of the cleaner's life to move heavy furniture. These lifting straps utilize the power of leverage to make moving easy. They make anything you carry seem 66% lighter. They also encourage proper lifting techniques, in fact, they're OSHA accepted. In addition, they keep dollies off of your customer's floors.

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    Soft Glue Leather Repair

    A flexible adhesive designed for scuffs, partial cuts and peeling. By applying a small amount to the cut back side, the leather can be restored to its original state without the blemish being visible or hard.

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    Urinal Screen with Non Para Block - Cherry

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    Olympus Foam Downer

    Save your portable from power loss, decreased lift and motor damage. Foam Downer uses a hook to hang a jug of liquid defoamer from your portable and kills foam as waste water enters the machine. While the wand is on the floor defoamer is injected. Simply lift wand and it stops. Adjustable defoamer valve.

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    Lift Buddy

    Makes Placing Blocks Under Furniture Effortless and Easy!

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    Breaker Buddy II - Circuit Indicator

    Plug the Breaker Buddy in to two separate outlets and if the green light comes on you are on separate circuits. Helps avoid tripping breakers on dual cord machines or when using accessories like an (RX20) or separate electric heater.

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    ODORx Smoke Wash

    Smoke Wash is a laundry cleaning booster and deodorant that can be used as an upholstery and carpet pre-conditioner. It is water soluble and is intended as a deodorant and cleaning additive to wash loads on fire losses.

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  • Olympus Auto Fill and Chemical Metering Option

    Hook to the hot water faucet and have a continuous feed to your machine for non-stop cleaning. Includes a chemical metering system so measuring cups are a thing of the past.

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    6 Foot Commercial Ramp - Up to 600 lbs.

    Reduce Labor Costs, Back Injuries, and Worker's Comp Claims

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