Hard Surface Floor Tools

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Hard Surface Floor Tools

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    Grout Brush

    Add extra agitation, when necessary, to grout lines from a standing position. The unique pivoting head lets the brush glide along grout lines, in corners and up walls. The stiff crimped, acid resistant nylon bristle is bevel-cut to get into grout lines. A lock-down handle socket securely attaches to a variety of handles.

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  • Chiseled Grout Brush (with handle attachment)

    This durable, acid resistant nylon tile brush with included handle is the perfect solution for getting stubborn grease out of deep grout lines. The grout brush easily screws on for a tight connection with the lightweight plastic handle.

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    Grout Wand

    The design of the sonic welding on the Grout Wand has been improved to make the "Action Head" more durable. New solvent resistant "O" rings reduce the damage to components caused by solvent-based sealers. Easily applies the proper amount of sealer in one application with professional results. Push down and the sealer is applied, let up and the flow of sealer stops.

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    Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit And Extra Brushes

    The Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit takes application of water based grout sealers to the next level. This kit, when used with Injectimate, gives you total control of the amount of sealer applied. The flow of sealer stops after each squeeze of the trigger. Use the 3 foot extension tube to apply sealer to floor grout while standing and the 4 inch tube to apply sealer to the counter top and wall grout.

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    Hydro Stick Grout Sealer Applicator

    Seal and color grout while on your knees with more control and less adjustment than with the Grout Stick. Use with clear or colored sealers as well as solvent- or water-based sealers. Packaged as set of 2 with 4 brushes

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    Injectimate Injection System Large Dose

    Injectimate Use the Injectimate wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed. It will replace the carpet syringe, as it can be used in urine decontamination to inject enzymes and odor counteractants through the carpet backing. Injectimate allows you to mix your solution in a gallon container and to inject directly from the container without having to fill a syringe. Every squeeze of the unit automatically injects 5 milliliters of solution. (bottle sold separately)

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