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Extraction Tools

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    Gekko 14 Inch Brush Head Attachment

    Gekko 14" Brush Tool Head Attachment The new and improved Gekko brush tool allows for greater air flow and reduces maintenance. The spray bar has been redesigned to provide the same cleaning power, but has been "split" to allow maximum airflow. The bar no longer crosses the air intake, so air no longer has to pass around the bar. The split not only increases air flow, but it also lowers maintenance since string and other debris won't catch as frequently on the spray bar. The tool head and jets are made out of high-quality stainless steel ensuring you'll be using this tool for years to come.

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    VersaPro - Tile and Grout Brushes

    Brush 11" Tile Nylon W/Plate For 13" Machine, Brush 13" Tile Nylon W/Plate For 15" Machine (W/Grit), Brush 15" Tile Nylon W/Plate For 17" Machine, Brush 17" Tile Nylon W/Plates For 19" Machine, Brush 19" Tile Nylon W/Plate For 21" Machine

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    Wet Vacuum Tool

    Never wear out your carpet wand again. This heavy-duty tool with a stainless steel wand is designed for use on hard surfaces. Fitted with neoprene rubber blades, the wet vacuum tool will make quick work of standing water on any hard surface such as concrete. All water damage crews should have these.

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    Gekko Edge, Corner, and Coving Tool Attachment

    Cleans corners, edges and coving with one easy stroke-or-use the included coving cover and just clean the edge of the floor. Easily fits the Gekko wand.

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    Gekko Tile and Grout Tool - NO HEAD

    Use with any or all of the five GEKKO heads. (AR54C, AR54D, AR54E, AR54G and AR54H)

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    FlashXtractor Flood Tool

    Leaves Up to 35% Less Water Behind Than Competitive Tools The faster you remove water from carpet and pad the faster you can dry. The patent pending FlashXtractortm Subsurface Water Extraction Tool is so efficient and easy to use you will wonder why you ever bothered using other tools.

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    Gekko Tile and Grout Tool - WITH HEAD

    WORKS WITH ANY TRUCKMOUNT OR HIGH-PRESSURE PORTABLE Concentrates all the water pressure through an amazing new spray jet that creates extreme force for cleaning severely soiled grout. Works with pressure from 100 psi to 2000 psi. Primarily used as a detail tool for corners or edges. May be needed for some grout lines with extreme soiling. The wand and three different Gekko heads can each be purchased separately.

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  • Automatic Waste Pump Out for Olympus Portables

    No more bucket brigades with this powerful APO. It's so powerful it even functions for flood restoration.

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    SX-7 Tile and Grout Hand Tool

    The same high-pressure rotary cleaning action of the SX-12 is concentrated into this 7" diameter cleaning monster. Use the SX-7 on countertops, walls, or any tight space for unbelievable cleaning results.

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    SX-7 Stand Up Hard Floor Cleaning Tool

    The SX-7 Stand-Up concentrates extra power into a smaller area for extreme cleaning situations. It works extremely well in small areas like bathrooms. Cleans a 7" swath. Works with any truckmount or high-pressure portable.

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