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Janitorial Supplies

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    Rubbermaid Commercial Hygen Disposable Microfiber Mop Heads

    Stop the chain of infection with a durable disposable mop that provides 99.9% microbe removal. Superior, streak-free cleaning performance. Built-in scrubbing strips effectively remove dirt without smearing. Proven to remove C. diff spores. Good for dusting or wet cleaning.

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    Soft Cloth

    This lint-free cloth is used for applying all creams, finishes, colors and some spotters.

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    General Use Sponge

    These general use sponges are great for applying all creams, finishes, colors and some spotters. Approximately 2" × 2" × 5½".

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    Microfiber Towels - 8 x 8

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    Unisan Toilet Bowl Mop

    4-1/2" strands of acid-resistant polypropylene. White. Strong I-beam plastic handle.

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    Microfiber Towels (White, Yellow, Green) -16 x 16

    The unique structure of the microfiber works like a magnet to attract dust, dirt and oil. Large size (16" x16") towel allows you to fold and use 8, 4"x4" sides for cleaning, stretching the time and surface area cleaned before you have to change towels. Use on counters, windows, floors, and more.

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    Unisan Value Plus Cone Bowl Mop

    Cone moves freely over mop head to remove excess liquid. Plastic handle is 12" long, while mop head has 4 1/2" strands of acid-resistant polypropylene. White.

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    Unisan Turkey Feather Duster

    Affordably priced duster helps you get the job done well within budget. Soft, premium turkey feathers pick up and trap dust. Long plastic handle provides extended reach. Pre-drilled lanyard hole enables hang-up storage.

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    RCP 6310 WHI-Rubbermaid Commercial-Grade Toilet Bowl Brush

    Designed for easy toilet bowl cleaning. Plastic handle. Stain- and odor-resistant.

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    RCP 6311 WHI-Rubbermaid Commercial-Grade Toilet Bowl Brush Holder

    5" diameter holder conceals brush. White plastic.

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    Microfiber Glass Cloth -16 x 16

    The Fine Linen of Microfiber - This cloth is sure to be a favorite in your cleaning kit. The mini waffle design and the finest microfiber available help to make it an unbelievably effective tool for cleaning.

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    Nubuck Cloth

    For easy cleaning of most soiling on nubuck leathers. Cloths will remove dark and shiny areas as well as return flat areas to the original look and feel. Soil transfers easily from the leather to the Nubuck Cloth. This amazing cloth even corrects flat or shiny areas on the leather caused by skin contact. For use on Nubuck Leather.

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    Unisan Polywool Dusters or Extension Pole

    Bright, multicolor synthetic duster attracts dust via static electricity. Durable, flexible head adapts to every application. Washable. Handle has hang-up hole. Metal extension pole sold separately. Extension pole extends from 51 in - 82 in.

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    Chemical Resistant Suit with Boots and Hood

    These limited-use polypropelene coveralls offer outstanding protection against dusts, soot and other soils.

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    White Bowl Brush

    White tampico is twisted in wire and shaped to clean interior bowl surfaces. Plastic handle with hang-up hole. Brush face 5" x 4-1/2".

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    Plush Hand Cleaner

    Mild liquid foaming hand soap made from the finest ingredients available. Moisturizes as it cleans to leave hands soft and smooth. Formulated with pure Aloe Vera extract. It provides emollients, moisturizers and skin protectants.

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    Unisan Clip-On Dust Mop Frame

    Zinc-plated, rust-resistant 1/4" black wire with rounded ends. Accepts Clip-On Handle (sold separately).

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    Unisan Wedge Dust Mop Head

    For hard-to-reach overhead areas and corners. Cut-end white cotton yarn. Fits UNISAN wedge frame/handle (sold separately).

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    Grout Brush

    Add extra agitation, when necessary, to grout lines from a standing position. The unique pivoting head lets the brush glide along grout lines, in corners and up walls. The stiff crimped, acid resistant nylon bristle is bevel-cut to get into grout lines. A lock-down handle socket securely attaches to a variety of handles.

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    Unisan Wedge Dust Mop Head Frame/Handle

    Wire frame and metal threaded long wooden handle. Fits UNISAN dust head (sold separately).

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    Unisan Lie-Flat Screw-In Mop Handle

    Use with bolt head style lie-flat mop head. Metal-threaded connector is countersunk and riveted.

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    Unisan Lambswool Duster

    Safe for all surfaces—will not scratch or mar. Genuine lambswool duster quickly lifts dust particles and retains them until shaken. Washable. Plastic handle with hang-up hole.

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    Face Mask - 50 per package

    This mask is essential in reducing exposure to particulate matter encountered in restoration and cleaning situations.

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    Unisan Screw Clamp Metal Head Mop Handle

    Screw clamp metal head is double-riveted to sturdy, lacquered wood handle for extra strength. Mop handle in wing-nut style.

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  • Chiseled Grout Brush (with handle attachment)

    This durable, acid resistant nylon tile brush with included handle is the perfect solution for getting stubborn grease out of deep grout lines. The grout brush easily screws on for a tight connection with the lightweight plastic handle.

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