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Advance Equipment

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    Advance SC351 Squeegee Blades Front and Rear 9100000077

    Replacement squeegee blades for the Advance SC351 compact auto scrubber Part# 9100000077

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  • ET600 Portable Carpet Extractor by Advance

    ET600 Portable Carpet Extractor

    The Advance ET600™ Portable Extractor series delivers unmatched cleaning performance and unlimited flexibility for your carpet extracting applications. Providing superior heating capabilities, the ET600 ensures continuous heating of 212 degress Fahrenheit solution to attack your toughest stains. Plus, with two pressures available-100 psi and 400 psi-you can choose the extractor best suited for the job at hand, satisfying light duty cleaning and deep extraction requirements. The ET600 series also offers a cost-effective, non-heated 100 psi model for simple restoration applications-delivering performance at a value.

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    Advance CarpeTriever

    Designed for large carpeted areas, the CarpeTriever™ 28 thoroughly vacuums a 28-inch (71 cm) path in one pass. No need for repetitious back and forth movement. The Carpet and Rug Institute The CarpeTriever™ maneuvers easily around obstacles. Its motorized carpet brush helps propel the machine, minimizing operator fatigue, and it adjusts to any carpet pile. The chevron bristle pattern draws dirt to the vacuum intake for efficient cleaning. A 1/3 hp brush motor drives the carpet brush at 1,300 rpm for effective dirt and debris recovery. Squeeze-grip controls turn the brush on and off. The dual 1-1?8 hp vacuum motors provide generous pick-up power for thorough cleaning. Both motors are protected from dust by secondary filters, which remove easily for cleaning and inspection. An optional Microstat® filtration kit provides 99.94% effective filtration of 0.3 micron particles. The standard cloth filter and collector bag on the CarpeTriever™ is big, holding over 1 bushel (39.5 L), and yielding more productive cleaning time. Paper bags are also available, and a hinged access door gives easy access to change or empty the bag. Simple fingertip controls make operation easy, and a built-in hose and wand on the CarpeTriever™ adds convenience for off-the-floor cleaning.

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    Advance Micromatic 14E Scrubber

    EFFICIENT, ECONOMICAL FLOOR CLEANING The Micromatic™ 14E applies cleaning solution to the floor, scrubs, and picks up the dirty solution, all in one pass, leaving hard floors clean and dry, ready for immediate traffic. With the 14E, an operator can effectively scrub 5,500 square feet per hour, almost 2.5 times the area that can be surface-wiped with a typical with mop and bucket in the same amount of time. The compact Micromatic 14E is the most maneuverable automatic scrubber of its kind, easily navigating narrow aisles and congested areas. It turns in its own length, and won’t leave solution on the floor. The cylindrical scrub brush cleans a 14-inch (34 cm) wide path, and works on virtually any floor surface, including grouted tile, marble, raised tile, resilient tile, concrete and ceramic. The unique shroud/squeegee head shifts sideways, for cleaning under furniture and around obstacles in either direction. The 14E cleans right up to walls, and the squeegee system picks up in both forward and reverse. The Micromatic 14E is cord-electric, so it’s ready to operate when and as long as you are. Simple controls and comfortable design make it easy to operate. Rugged construction assures the dependable Micromatic will stay on the job, but service and maintenance are inevitable. That’s why it’s designed for easy access to modular components, to minimize maintenance down time. The Micromatic 14E is a thoroughly efficient, economical and affordable cleaning machine.

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  • Terra 28B Floor Sweeper

    Terra 28B Floor Sweeper

    The Terra® 28B leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. Its 28-inch wide sweep path handles carpet with 2.5 times more productivity than a 28-inch wide-area vacuum (ISSA data). Plus, the 28B’s side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping. Compact and easy to handle, the Terra 28B is also among the quietest sweepers in the industry.

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