Brush Pro Sprayer System – Corded and Cordless

Brush Pro Sprayer System - Corded and Cordless

Knock out the dirtiest carpets in record time!!

$859.00 — $899.00

The Brush Pro Sprayer System allows you to quickly encapsulate carpet in large commercial buildings with its easy-to-use onboard sprayer and includes:

  • Cordless Flexipro Sprayer #AS75
  • 50′ of low pressure solution hose #AH139 that attaches to the Flexipro and onboard Brush Pro Sprayer Assembly
  • Brush Pro Sprayer Assembly #AS79- a trigger system and spray jet that attaches to your Brush Pro.

*The 50′ hose #AH139 is designed to attach to the Brush Pro Sprayer Assembly #AS79 and does not connect to the spray gun that is included with the Flexipro Sprayer. The spray gun attaches to the accordion hose included with the Flexipro.