2.5″ Vacuum Hose, Heavy Duty 300F, no cuffs

2.5" Vacuum Hose, Heavy Duty 300F, no cuffs

Maximize your vacuum with our new Heavy Duty 2.5” vacuum hose.


The combination of co-polymer materials and two-part helically wound construction makes this 2.5” vacuum hose superior to others on the market. Our Heavy Duty 2.5” vacuum hose has everything you want in a vacuum hose; light weight, flexibility, ultraviolet protection, crush resistance and a smooth bore.

The smooth 2.5” inside diameter bore of our Heavy Duty vacuum hose has less internal resistance to slow the air as it flows through the hose. Less resistance increases the velocity of the airflow at the cleaning tool resulting in better recovery and faster drying carpets.

50 foot Length sold without cuffs