Microfiber Towels (White, Yellow, Green) -16 x 16

Microfiber Towels (White, Yellow, Green) -16 x 16

The unique structure of the microfiber works like a magnet to attract dust, dirt and oil. Large size (16" x16") towel allows you to fold and use 8, 4"x4" sides for cleaning, stretching the time and surface area cleaned before you have to change towels. Use on counters, windows, floors, and more.

$1.39 — $15.48

Care of Microfiber:

  • Hand or machine wash in hot or warm water, with detergent. Washing at a high temperature makes the microfibers expand, releasing trapped dirt and microparticles.
  • Do not wash cloths or mop pads with terry towels or other materials that “shed” a lot of lint. Wash them separately or throw them in the wash with jeans or t-shirts (articles that don’t shed a lot of lint).
  • Air or machine dry.

More about Microfiber:

Microfiber consists of very fine threads of polyester and polyamide (nylon) that combine to form a single thread. Microfibers are so thin (100 times thinner than a single strand of human hair) that when they are woven together they create a surface area 40 times more than that of a regular fiber – creating an expanded surface area with dramatically enhanced absorbing power due to the capillary action of the fine threads. Microfiber is traditionally defined as a fiber with a denier of less than one. Denier is a measure of thinness of fiber and is the weight in grams of a continuous fiber of 9,000 meters.


Microfiber has two polymers. Polyester is lyophilic, or has an affinity to oil, so that oil and grease adhere directly to the fibers. Polyamide is hydrophilic, which means it has an affinity to water. As a result, any type of dirt is very quickly and completed removed with microfiber, leaving a sparkling clean, streak-free surface. Microfiber cleans without streaking, smearing, scratching or leaving lint. Microfiber is safe to use on all delicate surfaces. It will clean without scratching or harming the surface in any way.